Youth Internalizing Problems Screener

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The Youth Internalizing Problems Screener (YIPS) is a 10-item self-report behavior rating scale for measuring youths' internalizing mental health problems. A cutoff score of 21 is used for screening purposes to identify youth at-risk for clinical-level depression and anxiety.

Research shows that responses to the YIPS have strong internal reliability and that scores derived from the measure have discriminant and convergent validity with several indicators of student wellbeing and mental health problems. Research has also shown that YIPS scores have incremental validity in comparison to another internalizing problems screener for predicting academic achievement, total mental health problems, and total student wellbeing.  

The YIPS may also be useful as an outcome and progress-monitoring measure, yet further research is needed to explore its treatment utility for these purposes.

Key article on the YIPS: